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What Are the Benefits of GoHighLevel? An In-Depth Look at GoHighLevel in 2023

by | Jun 20, 2023 | CRM, Benefits of CRM, Go High Level

Are you tired of juggling multiple tools and platforms for your marketing needs? Enter GoHighLevel, the all-in-one marketing solution that is revolutionizing the way marketing agencies and businesses operate.

In this in-depth GoHighLevel review, we will explore “what are the benefits of GoHighLevel”, compare it to its competitors, and explain why it is the ultimate game-changer for your marketing efforts in 2023.

Short Summary

  • GoHighLevel is an all-in-one marketing solution designed to save time and money while providing powerful features.

  • Automation capabilities with a 14 day free trial, cost effective plans, streamlined workflows and comprehensive CRM/sales funnel management make GoHighLevel stand out among competitors.

  • White labeling opportunities for agencies as well as integrations with popular third party platforms provide additional value for businesses using the platform.

GoHighLevel: An All-in-One Marketing Solution

A marketing agency using GoHighLevel to save time and money

GoHighLevel is a comprehensive marketing platform designed specifically for marketing agencies and businesses looking to streamline their marketing efforts.

It combines a wide array of marketing tools, such as CRM, and funnel building software, email marketing, SMS marketing, social media management, and more, all under one roof.

This eliminates the need for multiple subscriptions and multiple platforms used, ultimately saving time and money.

In addition to its all-in-one capabilities, GoHighLevel offers a 14-day free trial, allowing users to test out the platform and experience its powerful features firsthand.

The platform has received rave reviews from marketing agencies and businesses alike, with many users praising its user-friendly interface and automation capabilities.

Time and Cost Savings

One of the main advantages of GoHighLevel is the significant time and cost savings it offers marketing agencies.

By consolidating multiple marketing software into one platform, agencies can manage their marketing campaigns more efficiently and reduce expenses.

GoHighLevel’s powerful automation features further enhance these savings by streamlining workflows and allowing users to manage their various marketing campaign activities with ease.

GoHighLevel offers competitive pricing plans, with an annual payment option that yields a two-month savings.

Furthermore, the platform’s wide range of features allows businesses to replace several marketing services with a single, unified solution, resulting in even greater cost savings.

Streamlined Workflows

GoHighLevel’s automation features are designed to optimize marketing workflows, making it easier than ever for businesses to manage their marketing campaigns.

Users can take advantage of a 14-day free trial to test out these powerful features and witness firsthand the impact they can have on their marketing processes.

One of the standout features of the GoHighLevel dashboard is its Smart Pipelines. This tool enables users to effectively organize their leads according to their respective funnel stages, ensuring that no potential customers slip through the cracks.

Additionally, the platform’s Survey & Form Builder feature allows users to gather valuable customer feedback and demonstrate that their opinions are valued by the company. Overall, these features contribute to a more streamlined and efficient marketing experience.

Powerful Automation Features

A marketing automation platform with powerful features

GoHighLevel offers a suite of powerful automation features that are designed to simplify and enhance the marketing process.

These features include email marketing, SMS marketing, and social media management, providing a comprehensive set of tools to help businesses engage with their customers more effectively.

The platform’s automation capabilities are built on “when” and “if” conditions, allowing users to create targeted and personalized marketing campaigns with ease.

In fact, the author of this review has experienced a significant increase in response rates after integrating text and voicemail features into their client acquisition process, jumping from 4% to an impressive 10-12%.

Email Marketing

GoHighLevel’s email marketing features enable users to craft tailored emails and automations using drag-and-drop technology.

This allows for seamless delivery of marketing messages to customers and ensures that businesses can effectively engage with their target audience.

The platform’s Campaigns tab, located within the Marketing section, provides users with all the tools necessary to create and manage various communication methods, including emails, texts, and voicemails.

This versatility makes GoHighLevel a standout choice for businesses looking to enhance their digital marketing efforts.

SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is an increasingly popular method of engaging with customers due to its direct and immediate nature.

GoHighLevel recognizes this trend and offers a comprehensive set of SMS marketing features, allowing businesses to send tailored messages to their target audience and monitor the success of their campaigns.

GoHighLevel’s SMS marketing capabilities extend to two-way text conversations, enabling users to manage their client accounts more effectively.

The platform also offers integration with Facebook Messenger ads, providing further opportunities for businesses to engage with their customers through a variety of communication channels.

Social Media Management

In today’s digital landscape, social media management is a crucial component of any successful marketing strategy.

GoHighLevel offers a range of tools to help businesses manage their social media accounts, including a social media planner for drafting, approving, and pre-scheduling content, as well as a content calendar to view all posts across accounts.

Moreover, GoHighLevel provides automation features for social media management, allowing businesses to stay on top of their online presence with ease.

For example, the platform offers the capability to automate Facebook Messenger ads and incorporate a chat widget on your website, further enhancing your customer engagement efforts.

Comprehensive CRM and Sales Funnel Management

A CRM solution with sales funnel builder

GoHighLevel offers a comprehensive CRM and sales funnel management solution, enabling businesses to manage their customer relationships and sales processes more effectively.

The platform’s CRM features include unlimited employee accounts, team organization, and an automated onboarding process, making it an ideal choice for marketing agencies and businesses looking to streamline their operations.

Additionally, GoHighLevel’s sales funnel builder allows users to create landing pages with associated forms and thank you pages, complete with scheduling calendars.

This integrated approach to sales funnel management ensures that businesses can effectively guide their customers through the sales process, ultimately leading to increased conversions and revenue.

CRM Solutions

GoHighLevel’s CRM solutions provide users with a range of tools to manage their customer relationships.

The platform’s Smart Lists feature allows businesses to group leads and clients based on specific criteria, enabling targeted marketing efforts and personalized communication.

The platform’s CRM capabilities extend to integration with popular third-party platforms such as QuickBooks, Zapier, Facebook, Zoom, Google, and Shopify, ensuring that businesses can manage their customer relationships across multiple channels and platforms.

This versatility makes GoHighLevel an attractive choice for businesses looking to streamline their CRM processes.

Sales Funnel Builder

GoHighLevel’s integrated, sales platform and funnel builder enables users to create and manage their sales funnels with ease.

The platform’s easy-to-use interface allows businesses to design landing pages, forms, and thank you pages, complete with scheduling calendars to guide customers through the sales process.

While the platform’s sales funnel software and building tool may initially appear cumbersome, users will quickly become accustomed to its features, ultimately enhancing the efficiency of their sales funnel management processes.

This makes GoHighLevel an excellent choice for businesses looking to optimize their sales funnels and drive increased conversions.

White-Labeling Opportunities for Agencies

Agency owners using GoHighLevel to create custom branded mobile apps

For marketing agencies looking to expand their service offerings, GoHighLevel provides white-labeling opportunities, allowing agencies to rebrand the platform and resell it under their very own business name.

This not only enables agencies to provide a comprehensive marketing solution to their clients, but also creates an additional revenue stream for the the agency owner.

GoHighLevel offers custom branding and reselling opportunities for agencies through its white-label plan.

This plan includes a fully white-labeled gohighlevel feature, highlevel mobile app and a tailored zap set up for your brand in Zapier, enabling agencies to provide a truly personalized marketing solution to their clients.

Custom Branding

Custom branding is an essential aspect of white-labeling opportunities, as it enables agencies to develop a distinct identity for their digital marketing space or solution.

GoHighLevel’s white-label plan includes a fully white-labeled mobile app, allowing agencies to create a mobile app with their own branding and logo.

Furthermore, GoHighLevel’s white-label plan includes a tailored zap set up for your brand in Zapier, ensuring seamless integration with your existing marketing tools and platforms.

This comprehensive custom branding solution enables agencies to offer a truly unique marketing platform to their clients, further enhancing their value proposition.

Reselling Potential

The reselling potential of GoHighLevel’s white-label plan provides digital marketing agencies with an additional revenue stream and the opportunity to expand their service offerings to multiple clients.

By rebranding and reselling the platform, agencies can establish themselves as a one-stop-shop for their clients’ marketing needs.

GoHighLevel’s affiliate program offers an attractive payout structure, with a generous 40% commission for agencies that resell the platform.

This, coupled with the platform’s comprehensive feature set and competitive pricing, makes GoHighLevel an appealing choice for agencies looking to expand their online business, and generate additional revenue.

GoHighLevel Integrations

One of the key strengths of GoHighLevel is its seamless integration with a wide range of popular third-party platforms, such as:

These integrations enable users to automate their marketing processes, streamline their workflows, and reduce time and cost.

As businesses continue to adopt various tools and platforms to manage their marketing efforts, the ability to integrate these systems is crucial. GoHighLevel’s extensive range of integrations ensures that users can maintain a unified and efficient across all the marketing messages and ecosystem, further enhancing the platform’s value as an all-in-one marketing solution.

Payment Processing

GoHighLevel offers a variety of payment processing integrations, enabling businesses to accept payments and manage customer transactions with ease.

The platform is integrated with popular payment processors such as Stripe, PayPal, Square, and Authorize.net, ensuring that businesses have access to a range of payment processing options.

In addition to its payment processing integrations, GoHighLevel provides a range of tools and features to manage invoicing, recurring billing, and other payment-related activities.

These integrations make it easy for businesses to manage their finances and ensure smooth transactions with their customers.

Popular Integrations

GoHighLevel’s popular integrations extend beyond payment processing, with seamless connections to key platforms such as Zapier, WordPress, ClickFunnels, Facebook Ads, Pipedream, and Jobber.

These integrations provide users with a highly versatile marketing solution, enabling them to manage their marketing efforts across multiple channels and platforms.

By integrating with these popular platforms, GoHighLevel empowers businesses to automate their marketing processes and streamline their workflows, ultimately reducing time and cost.

This versatility and ease of integration make GoHighLevel an attractive choice for businesses looking to consolidate their marketing tools and enhance the efficiency of their marketing efforts.

Exceptional Customer Support and Training

GoHighLevel is renowned for its exceptional customer support and training resources, ensuring that users have access to the guidance and assistance they need to make the most of the platform.

This commitment to customer success is a key differentiation factor for GoHighLevel and has contributed to its positive online reviews, and growing popularity among marketing agencies and businesses.

Whether you are new to GoHighLevel or a seasoned user, the platform’s customer support team is available to help you navigate its features, troubleshoot issues, and get the most out of your marketing efforts.

With a range of support channels and training resources at your disposal, you can be confident in your ability to successfully leverage GoHighLevel for your marketing needs.

Support Channels

GoHighLevel offers a variety of support channels to ensure that users can access assistance and guidance when they need it.

The platform’s High Level Customer Success team is staffed with dedicated Success Specialists who are available from 7 am to 8 pm Central Standard Time, Monday through Friday.

GoHighLevel offers more than just dedicated support team; they provide 24/7 assistance through live chat, email, and phone.

Whatever your requirements, their team is always ready to help. Users can also access a Slack channel for assistance queries and discussions, further the customer relationship management enhancing the platform’s commitment to exceptional customer support.

Training Resources

GoHighLevel offers a range of training resources to help users familiarize themselves with the platform and its various features.

These resources include tutorials, webinars, and community-based training options, ensuring that users have access to the information they need to optimize their marketing efforts.

Whether you are just starting out with GoHighLevel or looking to expand your knowledge of its features, the platform’s training resources provide a valuable source of information and guidance.

By taking advantage of these resources, users can ensure that they are making the most of GoHighLevel’s powerful marketing capabilities.

GoHighLevel Pricing Plans

An image showcasing the various GoHighLevel pricing plans and highlighting the benefits of using GoHighLevel, including what are the benefits of GoHighLevel

GoHighLevel offers a range of pricing plans to suit the needs of marketing agencies and businesses.

With three plans to choose from – Agency Starter Account, Agency Unlimited Account, and White Label Mobile App Custom Zap Upgrade – users can select the plan that best meets their requirements and budget.

Many users have found GoHighLevel’s pricing plans to be competitive when compared to other marketing platforms, particularly when considering the wide array of features and tools included.

By opting for a GoHighLevel plan, businesses can access a comprehensive marketing solution at a cost-effective price point.

Comparing Plans

GoHighLevel’s pricing plans cater to a variety of needs and budgets. The Agency Starter Account is priced at $97 per month. This includes unlimited accounts with Twilio for 2-way texting, Mailgun for unlimited API-based sending and a single agency account.

The Agency Unlimited Account, priced at $297 per month, includes all the features of the Agency Starter Account, plus an unlimited number of unlimited sub accounts/-accounts and a branded desktop app.

The White Label Mobile App Custom Zap Upgrade requires an Agency Unlimited subscription and is an additional cost of $497 per month.

This upgrade provides a fully customized mobile app that can be tailored to your brand with branded designs. Additionally, it also includes a custom Zapier zap for further customization.

By comparing the features and pricing of each plan, businesses can select the option that best aligns with their needs and budgetary constraints.

GoHighLevel vs. Competitors

Comparing GoHighLevel to its competitors is an important aspect of understanding the platform’s value proposition.

While there are many marketing platforms available on the market, GoHighLevel distinguishes itself through its comprehensive feature set, competitive pricing, and exceptional customer support.

In this review, we have explored how GoHighLevel’s features and pricing plans compare to those of its competitors, such as ClickFunnels, HubSpot, and Kartra.

By examining these comparisons, it becomes clear that GoHighLevel offers a compelling alternative to traditional marketing platforms, providing an all-in-one solution that caters to a variety of needs and budgets.

Feature Comparison

GoHighLevel vs competitors with feature and pricing comparison

When comparing the features of GoHighLevel to its competitors, it is evident that the platform offers a wide array of tools and capabilities that set it apart.

GoHighLevel CRM includes the following features:

  • SmartLists

  • email marketing,

  • 2-way SMS,

  • outbound calling,

  • call tracking,

  • form builder,

  • survey builder,

  • funnel builder,

  • and website builder,

  • among other features.

While competitors may offer similar features, the pricing and value provided by GoHighLevel make it an advantageous investment for marketing agencies and businesses.

In addition to its comprehensive feature set, GoHighLevel’s seamless integration with popular third-party platforms ensures that users can manage their marketing efforts across multiple channels and platforms. This versatility and ease of integration further enhance the platform’s value as an all-in-one marketing solution.

Pricing Comparison

When comparing the pricing of GoHighLevel to its competitors, it is important to consider the overall value provided by the platform. GoHighLevel’s pricing plans are competitive, offering a range of features and tools at an affordable price point.

For example, when comparing GoHighLevel to Kartra, it becomes evident that GoHighLevel affiliate program may be more cost-effective, particularly for businesses requiring multiple accounts. Similarly, GoHighLevel’s affiliate program offers a more generous payout structure compared to ClickFunnels, providing agencies with greater earning potential.

These pricing comparisons demonstrate the value offered by GoHighLevel and its position as a competitive alternative to other online marketing tools and platforms.


In conclusion, GoHighLevel is a comprehensive, all-in-one marketing solution that offers a wide array of features and tools to help marketing agencies and businesses streamline their marketing efforts, save time and money, and drive increased conversions and revenue. With its powerful automation features, seamless integrations, exceptional customer support and training resources, and competitive pricing, GoHighLevel stands out as a top choice for businesses seeking a unified marketing platform in 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns GoHighLevel?

GoHighLevel is owned by Shaun Clarke, an entrepreneur and creator of digital marketing tools designed to save time and maximize results for agencies. His platform includes features like lead management, website building, funnel creation, calendar coordination business automation, and many more.

How long has GoHighLevel been around?

Go High Level Solution has been around since April 2018, making it two years of experience and success in helping marketing agencies transform leads into customers.Nov 19, 2020.

Does GoHighLevel have an app?

Yes, GoHighLevel does have an app. The app is called LeadConnector and it is available on both Apple iOS and Android devices for all GoHighLevel subscribers to download and use.

What is SaaS in GoHighLevel?

SaaS stands for Software as a Service. A typical use-case might be to White Label the GHL Platform for the existing customers a payment option to use alongside marketing support.

Is GoHighLevel cloud based?

Go High level provides a complete solution for marketing and sales in an integrated system.

What is HighLevel software?

HighLevel Designed for advertising and marketing companies HighLevel is a web-based CRM platform that helps with generating sales leads.

What integrates with GoHighLevel?

GoHigh Level has already integrated directly into emailgun – Twitter – Twilio – Zoom – WhatsApp – Stripe – PayPal – Twitter – Instagram – Tiktok – Google. You may use Zapier for other integrations on apps.

Is GoHighLevel a CRM?

GoHighLevel (also known in some ways as HighLevel) is an online customer relationship management platform.

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